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Sunetra Conclave 2024

Sreedhareeyam Ayurvedic Research and Development Institute takes great pride in announcing the upcoming SUNETRA CONCLAVE 2024.

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Ayurveda Unveiled: Ancient Insights for a Modern Life

Ayurveda Unveiled: Ancient Insights for a Modern Life
Anish July 26, 2023

In the whirlwind of today's fast-paced society, there lies a reservoir of age-old wisdom in Ayurveda that promises solace and balance. Originating from India and steeped in history, this 5,000-year-old medicinal treasure trove gifts us insights on preventive healthcare and achieving equilibrium in our day-to-day lives. Journey with us as we unwrap the secrets of Svastha Vṛttam, Ayurveda's chapter on Preventive Medicine.

Rise & Shine with Ayurveda

Embrace the Dawn: Emulating nature, Ayurveda suggests synchronizing our waking hours with Brahma muhurta, the serene moments between 3 am and 6 am.

Nature’s Dental Kit: Swap that commercial toothpaste for nature's dental brushes - twigs or roots like Arjuna or Vara. A pinch of herbal tooth powder occasionally enhances gum health.

The Tongue Tale: A simple tongue scraper can amplify your gastronomic experiences and aid digestion by clearing mucus deposits.

Natural Gargle Therapy: A cold water gargle can rejuvenate you, with a bonus splash for the eyes in warmer months. An alternate sesame oil gargle can provide holistic nourishment.

Revitalize Your Senses

Nature’s Visionaries: A daily dose of antimony sulphide eye drops promises sharper vision. For an added touch, Rasanjana from Daruharidra is a weekly treat.

Nasal Wellness: Introducing nasal drops (Pratimarša Nasya) to your daily routine ensures a clear pathway, while the therapeutic aromas of turmeric smoke are a bonus.

The Oil Elixir & Fitness Mantras

The Abhyanga Ritual: Regular oil caresses, especially focusing on the crown, auditory senses, and sole pedestals, harmonize the body’s energies and nourish the soul.

Activity Alchemy: Customized exercises, harmonizing with one's physique and temperament, are transformative. The payoffs span from physiological wonders to mood upliftment.

Exercise Epiphanies: Commitment to physical activity isn’t just about physique; it’s a gateway to metabolic efficiency, robust bones, heart vitality, and a sanctuary from stress.

Post-Exertion Bliss & Dietary Pearls

Elysian Showers: A warm embrace of water post-exercise is both a muscle relaxant and a dermal purifier.

Tambula Treat: Relishing betel leaves fused with cardamom, areca nuts, and calcium is a heart-happy ritual. Yet, those under the pitta-vata umbrella should tread cautiously.

The Art of Ethical Living

Profession with Purpose: Align your career choices with ethics, respect, and societal welfare.

Commune with Virtue: Seek the embrace of noble souls, immerse in spiritual tomes, and embody values like humility, generosity, and zeal.

Evading Shadows: Ten perils, from cruelty to faithlessness, darken our life canvas. Dodge these to illuminate your journey

Sustenance & Serenity: Culinary choices and serene slumbers with celestial alignments (east or south) are vital.

Daily Debrief & Life’s Essence: Contemplate daily adventures, embrace nature’s generosity, honor genuine bodily signals, and revere life’s fragility. A life steered with health, prosperity, erudition, and altruism exemplifies a Sukha Ayu.

The old-world charm of Ayurveda offers a contemporary guide to wholesome living. These rituals, when sewn into our daily tapestry, unveil the blueprint for a radiant existence. So, are you prepared to traverse time and cherish these golden relics from antiquity.