Sreedhareeyam Ayurvedic Research & Development Institute
May 2024

Sunetra Conclave 2024

Sreedhareeyam Ayurvedic Research and Development Institute takes great pride in announcing the upcoming SUNETRA CONCLAVE 2024.

Sreedhareeyam Ayurvedic Research & Development Institute

Optometry Laboratory

Why Our Optometry Laboratory Stands Out

Contemporary Diagnostic Capabilities: Our facility is equipped with modern diagnostic tools that are comparable to the best in the world. This not only ensures accuracy but also expedites the diagnostic process.

Translation to Modern Medicine: Despite our roots in traditional methods, we understand the global language of medicine. Diseases identified using our equipment are aptly reported using modern medical terminologies, making our findings universally comprehensible.

Bridging the Experience Gap: While clinical experience is irreplaceable, our advanced equipment acts as a potent ally. It aids new-age doctors by minimizing the reliance on extensive clinical expertise for disease identification, which is traditionally required.

Some of the equipment that you will find in this laboratory is:


This advanced equipment swiftly determines the refractive error and the curvature of the front surface of the eye. Its precision assists in the accurate prescription of corrective lenses and diagnosis of corneal conditions

Essential for glaucoma diagnosis and management, this device maps the visual fields of each eye individually, identifying blind spots and areas of reduced vision.

A critical tool for glaucoma detection, it measures the intraocular pressure without making any contact with the eye, ensuring a comfortable experience for the patient.

Portable and efficient, this device captures detailed images of the retina. It's instrumental in diagnosing and monitoring various retinal conditions.

A non-invasive imaging technique, the OCT machine offers detailed cross-sectional pictures of the retina. It's crucial for diagnosing and managing diseases like age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and more.